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April 3, 2024

KB Half Marathon Final Instructions

When you race, be sure to Race with Integrity™
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  • The course starts with a quick 1.3 mile loop before beginning the out-and-back portion, so you will run along the broad beach boardwalk watching the sunrise over the ocean twice in the first 2 miles!  The view is so awesome we had to do it twice!
  • After that follow the WHITE arrows until you hit the U-turn sign at MILE 7.5.
  • Follow the YELLOW arrows AFTER MILE 7.5 to the finish line.
  • Stay to the right of the white dashed line on the Bear Cut trail, ESPECIALLY around corners where you cannot see if someone is coming in the other direction! 
  • There are people out there that are NOT PART OF THE RACE, so don't blindly follow another person!  Follow the cones and arrows!
We have a beautiful run course that has many views along the Atlantic Ocean and Bear Cut as well as shaded trails.  This does mean though that there are a lot of turns along the way.  Therefore you need to pay attention and follow the cones and look for arrows.  We will have timing lines throughout the course to ensure that everyone does the entire course.

Please use the link below for GPS directions to parking: 

Our entrance is the 2nd Crandon entrance next to the running track.  Look for the large yellow EVENT PARKING signs.

This shows directions to the Restroom that is next to Packet Pickup and the Finish Line.

PAY FOR PARKING - Crandon Park will have parking enforcement out early on race morning, so please pay for parking at (1-866-990-7275), Location 46252. 


Packet Pickup Location (at the race site): 

Saturday, April 6, 2024, 11am - 3pm

Pre-Race Clinic by Coach Erinne Guthrie at 1pm

Limited packet pickup will also be available race morning at the event site from 5:30-6:30 a.m.

Photo ID & QR Code - We have added some scanning features to expedite packet pickup.  First, your photo ID is ALWAYS required to pick up you packet.  We also now have QR codes to look up your registration.  You can find your QR code by clicking the QR code button next to your name on the participant list at  Please have that code pulled up on your phone ready to scan when you get to the front of the line.

April 7, 2024 RACE DAY!
5:30-6:30 am – Late Packet Pickup
(No in-person registration, you must be pre-registered)
7:00 am – Half Marathon Start
(No Late Starts - Please cross the start line by 7:03 or you may miss part of the course)
8:53 am - 6.9 Mile Cut Off Time 
(Must turn around if you haven't passed this point by this time - 16 minute per mile pace)
9:30 am – Awards Ceremony 🎉
10:30 am - Course Cut Off Time

(This gives racers 3:30 hours to finish the half marathon, which is a 16 minute per mile pace.)

1 - WATER STATIONS - Water stations will have water and Gatorade Endurance sports drink and be located every 1-1.5 miles throughout the course. You might wonder why the water station locations are not exactly every mile. We are placing the water stations where they are the most accommodating for racers and volunteers. There will be a station no further than every 1.5 miles. 

Water Station Locations: 0.8 mi, 2.3 mi, 3.5 mi, 4.4 mi, 5.7 mi, 6.9 mi, 8.2 mi, 9.3 mi, 10.2 mi, 11.1 and 12.3 mi

2 - AWARDS - If you cannot stay for the awards ceremony and you qualify for an age or overall medal, please pick it up prior to leaving. Please stop by the timing truck and a staff member will be happy to assist! We appreciate it! 

3 - NO DOGS - Sorry the park does not allow dogs, so leave FIDO at home. 

4 - DROPPING OUT - If you cannot finish the race for any reason, please come to the finish line and let us know.  This way we know that you are OK and don’t send a search crew out to find you.

Thank you for your support!

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