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May 11, 2022

305 Triathlon Final Instructions

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5-15-2022 Important Notes

Hi Athletes,


Thank you for registering for the Mack Cycle 305 Triathlon on Key Biscayne.  You will find Crandon Park to be an absolutely beautiful venue for our event!  There are a few things I’d like to share with you in advance of the event:

1. Earlier Start - In order to get off of the Causeway on time, we have to start at 6:40 a.m. rather than 7:00 a.m., so please arrive early.

2. Bike Course - Please note that the bike course is almost 3 miles longer per lap than usual and goes down and back Arthur Lamb Jr. Road on Virginia Key (see map).  Note that ALJ Road has a few gradual speed tables, so be prepared.

3. FPL - We were just notified that FPL is doing some work under the roadway during the week.  This is on the part of the bike course that is within Crandon Park before the first bridge.  It will not affect riders staying to the right going out or coming back, but could affect riders attempting to pass someone.  If you pass anyone in this area be prepared for small patches of rough roadway.

4. Laps (Bike & Run) - You will encounter the following very large sign on both the bike and run courses.  If you are in the SPRINT distance, follow the FINISH ARROW! 

If you are in the OLYMPIC distance, follow the LAP ARROW and do a 2nd lap, then follow the FINISH ARROW to complete the bike or run.  IT IS VITAL THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THIS!  Volunteers have no way to know if you are on lap 1 or lap 2, so YOU AND ONLY YOU must be responsible to know if you need to complete another lap or not.  If you mess up and come in after lap 1, just go back out and do your 2nd lap.  We'll sort out the times and delete the extra chip times in the timing system.

5. Swim Course - All swimmers will start at the same spot (lifeguard tower 1).  Sprint racers will swim to the end and exit (500 meters), while Olympic swimmers will swim to the end and back and to the end again (1500 meters).  Keep all buoys on your right at all times.  There is sufficient space between outbound and inbound buoys so that swimmers aren't swimming towards each other.  Go to for course maps.

6. Senior Games - The National Senior Games are part of the event.  They will start between the Olympic and Sprint waves and do the sprint distance triathlon.

7. Packet Pick Up - Packet pickup is at Mack Cycle, 5995 Sunset Drive, Miami.  Times are 12-6 Wed-Fri and 10-4 Saturday.  Senior Games racers should see their website for info as they have their own packet pickup.

8. Crandon Park - Unfortunately, Crandon Park has a master plan that prevents all commercial signs/banners/flags, etc.  Last year we were able to put up generic mesh and flags that just said Triathlon on them with swim, bike, and run icons.  That won’t be allowed this year.  The venue to be a little bare looking compared with last year or other venues we do races at.  That won’t affect us having a great race though!

9. Post-Race Food - For this race we’ll have water, croissants, bananas, tangerines, cookies, chips, and soda.  We’ll also have BASE sports drink in coolers for you to fill your cups with.  Unfortunately, BASE doesn't have a ready to drink bottled product, so you’ll have to use a cup and save a plastic bottle from going to the landfill.

10. THANK YOU MACK CYCLE!  Please give a thank you to Mary Jane and her team at Mack Cycle for their support of this event.  Without their support, this event would not be possible.

11. Race Medal - If you cannot stay for the awards ceremony and you qualify for an award, please pick it up prior to leaving. Just stop by the timing truck and a staff member will be happy to assist! We appreciate it! 

12. Hector Picard (the man with no hands) - Hector Picard, para-triathlete and motivational speaker, will be giving some last-minute advice and encouragement to racers. Please meet us at 6 am the morning of the race to the left of the timing truck. 

13. The Grateful Giraffe's company created the Grateful Bus to help support U.S. mental health through gratitude practices, art, and bringing people together from all ages & backgrounds in a safe space.  They are co-producing wellness & web 3.0 events with local communities, and inviting people to write something on the bus, reading what others have written, and add a positive boost of energy to their day. 

Grateful Schedule for 305:

6:45 Pre swim 5 minute meditations by beach. (starting at 6:45 and could run every 10 min until the last swim wave)
10:15 post race yoga (15 min session)

Gratitude signing throughout the entire race schedule from racers and spectators.

Packet Pickup & Race Clinic
Packet Pick Up Begins Today! 



Mack Cycle and Fitness – Miami

5995 Sunset Dr.
Miami, FL 33143
(305) 661-8363

Wednesday – Friday, 12-6
Saturday, 10-4

Limited packet pickup will also be available race morning at the event site from 5:30-6:30 a.m.

Bike check-in is race morning from 5:30am-6:45am.


Saturday, May 14th, 2022, 2PM with Coach Marcelo Holcberg

Start Times
Note that due to making so many small groups we have to reuse some cap colors, so please pay attention to the time as well as your cap color.  Don’t come and start just because your cap color is starting.  Check that it is your time to start as well.

Racers in each group will begin starting one person at a time at the specified start time. Do not
line up until your group is called. Starting will be done approximately every 2-3 seconds. You
will announce your race number to the starter (also doing manual backup timing) then run
across the start timing mat once the starter tells you to ‘GO’.

Other Important Items to Remember

When parking do not remove cones, you will be directed to an area that seems further from the start however this will ensure you will be able to leave without having to wait for everyone who arrived after you. 


Key Biscayne, FL 33149
6747 Crandon Blvd.
Crandon Park, North Entrance

**We have been told by the park that the parking app will be activated at 5 am so that you can pay for parking when you arrive.  If it doesn't work, then we'll let the park know.** 

The event will take place at the North end of Crandon Park, so please enter the first entrance that you come to when coming from Miami.  You will make a hard left turn once in the park, and park in the northernmost section of the parking lot.  This will allow you to exit the park easily even if the race is still in progress. (SEE MAP BELOW)


Keep an eye out for this sign to show you where the correct entrance is located:

Parking is done with the Pay by Phone system so there won’t be any long lines to get into the park. Here’s the link that I found online:

Call the park directly if you have questions about paying for parking.


If you cannot finish the race for any reason, please come to the finish line and let us know and return your chip. This way we know that you are OK and don’t send a search crew out to find you.


Water stations will have water, BASE Performance sports drink, and Hammer Gel. Aid stations will be located approximately every mile throughout the course. There will be no aid station on the bike course, so please bring enough fluids to complete the course. There will be an aid station next to the Run In/Out end of transition that you will pass after the swim and at the start of the run (also at mile 3.1 of the International distance).
The swim is the safest ocean swim you could possibly do. The reason for this is that most of the areas at Crandon are very shallow. We will swim in a relatively narrow channel that is deeper than the surrounding water (see Google Earth image below - the dark narrow area is deeper than the surrounding area).

If you swim either away from or towards the shoreline you will encounter shallower waters if you’d like to take a break. This is why we don’t have a different shaped course as this is the ONLY area deep enough for swimming. 

Sprint distance participants will only swim one direction, keeping all buoys on their right then exit the water (see map).

The bike course makes a right turn out of Crandon Park, goes up to Arthur Lamb Jr Rd , and you will take a right, out to the u-turn barricade on Virginia Key. After that you'll head back toward the Rickenbacker hang a right over the William Powell Bridge, u-turns at the bottom of the bridge (look for sign), then returns all the way back to the SOUTHERN END OF CRANDON PARK where you will u-turn again (look for sign), and then finally make a right turn back into Crandon Park. Olympic Distance athletes will go straight and do a 2nd lap instead of turning into Crandon Park after their first lap.

VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT TURN LEFT INTO CRANDON WHEN COMING BACK FROM MIAMI! Keep going until you see the u-turn sign at the Southern end of Crandon Park (see map). Click here to see the full bike course map at

The run course is a very scenic loop through Crandon Park. It is 3.1 miles long and International Distance racers will do 2 loops, while Sprint racers will do 1.

See the map at There will be a water station before mile 1 at the circle and again before mile 2 at the circle.

Duathlon (run #1) - All Olympic distance duathletes will start at 7:00 a.m. just outside of the transition area. All sprint duathletes will start at 7:10 a.m. The first run will be ¾ of a mile and go down to the track, around the track, and back to transition.

See the map at


The transition/finish area is mapped below:

● Blue in the water is the end of the swim
● Purple is the run to transition from the swim
● Blue is the bike course start/finish
● Red is the run. Olympic distance racers will continue going straight after the first lap
rather than making the right turn to the finish line. There will be a Lap/Finish Arrow sign
there as well as a timing mat to ensure that all Olympic distance racers do 2 laps.
● Yellow is the transition area

Note that the Aquabike ends once you enter transition after the bike. You may continue and go
through the finish chute to get your medal, but the clock will have stopped.



There is a permanent restroom facility right between the transition/finish area and the beach as indicated on the map above. It has about a dozen stalls for each gender. There is also an additional restroom facility on the way to the swim start (as indicated on the swim map) and several restrooms along the run course (one right next to the water station at the circle).


Please exit the water before the first wave starts at 6:40 a.m.


● The swim course must be completed by 7:46 a.m. (26 minutes after the last sprint starter)
● Olympic Distance athletes must start the 2nd bike lap by 8:20 a.m. (1:11 from the
the last starter) or you will be directed into transition where you can finish the race but be
disqualified for not completing the entire race.
● All athletes must complete the bike course by 9:06 a.m.
● Olympic Distance athletes must start the 2nd run lap by 9:48 a.m.
● All athletes must complete the race by 10:30 a.m.


9:15 - Aquabike Awards
9:20 - Sprint Duathlon Awards
9:30 -
National Senior Games Awards Ceremony (separate location from 305 awards, see Senior Games officials)
9:35 - Sprint Triathlon Awards
10:00 - Olympic Duathlon Awards
10:20 - Olympic Triathlon Awards


Look for a post-race survey to help us keep improving. Thanks for your support!



Make this Father's day one to remember!  The Fort De Soto triathlon is located on one of the world's best beaches.  This race is our fastest with the bike course being completely inside the park and no cars.  There's also plenty of space for friends and family to cheer participants on! Come join the fun and celebrate your Father! Register Here!


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