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May 19, 2024

Mack Cycle TriKB Final Instructions

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Important Notes

Hi Athletes,


Thank you for registering for the Mack Cycle TriKB Triathlon on Key Biscayne.  You will find Crandon Park to be an absolutely beautiful venue for our event!  There are a few things I’d like to share with you in advance of the event:

  1. Photo ID & QR Code - We have added some scanning features to expedite packet pickup.  First, your photo ID is ALWAYS required to pick up you packet.  We also now have QR codes to look up your registration.  you can find your QR code by clicking the QR code button next to your name on the participant list at  Please have that code pulled up on your phone ready to scan when you get to the front of the line.* Note that Friday pickup may not have this feature, but it will be in effect on Saturday and on race morning especially!
  2. Construction & Bike Course U-Turn - Below is an image of the bike course U-turn that you will encounter at the bottom of the BIG bridge.  Due to construction in that area we may be U-turning earlier than normal.  SO BE CAREFUL, MANAGE YOUR SPEED GOING DOWNHILL, AND DO NOT PASS RIGHT BEFORE THE U-TURN!  Losing a few seconds isn't going to change your placement, but crashing will!  BE SAFE!!!
  3. Bike Course Lanes & Safety - Below is an image of the bike course lanes.  It is important to know how the course works so you aren't confused when you get on the course.  When you leave the park you will use the bike lane on your way out to the turnaround.  If you need to pass, do so on the left, then return to the bike lane on the right.  Always right on the right side of the road or you will get a blocking or position penalty by the USAT official.  On your way back you will also stay on the right, but you will be next to a line of cones that cone off a half lane for recreational cyclists that are not participating in the race.  Stay to the right at all times, except when passing, then return to the right.  There are no cars on the course, though a few may cross the course at intersections manned by police.  Always be vigilant as many things can happen (a car can cross the course, there could be a bad patch of pavement, another rider may pass you unexpectedly or drift towards you when you are trying to pass, or a recreational rider may not use their dedicated lane - don't follow them - know the course!).  We have a mix of riders from first timers to very fast riders, so please be respectful of the other riders on the course.  Let's STAY SAFE out there!
  4. Packet Pickup is Friday from 12pm to 6pm and on Saturday from 10am to 4pm at Mack Cycle in Miami.  More info below.
  5. You MUST pay for parking on Race Morning or you will get a ticket.  Go to and enter location 46252 upon arrival to pay for parking.
  6. International Distance Cutoffs - In order to complete the International distance you need to be able to complete the swim and half of the bike by 8:15 a.m.  You'll need to be able to swim 1000 meters in 30 minutes or less and average 15mph+ on the bike, including the bridge.  If you aren’t sure if you can do this, please switch to the sprint distance as we have hard cutoffs to open the roadway back up.  You must also complete the first lap of the run by 9:30 a.m.
  7. USAT has NEW RULES in regards to drafting distance and penalty enforcement.  Click here for more information.
  8. Parking Entrance - The traffic counter flow to remove cars from our side of the Causeway will start at the Crandon north entrance, THUS you will need to enter the park at the 2nd Crandon entrance (blue line).  Here’s a link to the directions:  You will turn left as soon as you enter the park to go to lot #2 on the north side of the park (see map). 

    Right click on image and open in new tab to zoom in.

    We will have an “EVENT PARKING” sign where you turn in and inside the park directing you left to the correct parking lot.

  9. THANK YOU MACK CYCLE!  Please give a thank you to Mary Jane and her team at Mack Cycle for their support of this event.  Without their support, this event would not be possible.

  10. No Dogs - Sorry, Crandon Park does not allow dogs, so please leave Fido at home. 

Packet Pickup & Race Clinic

The Mack Cycle TriKB Triathlon is THIS SUNDAY! Thanks for registering! This is to remind you of important information that you need to know before the event.

PACKET PICKUP (race week)

Fri - 12pm - 6pm
Sat - 10am - 4pm

Mack Cycle – Miami

5995 Sunset Dr.
Miami, FL 33143
(305) 661-8363

Limited packet pickup will also be available race morning at the event site from 5:30-6:30am.

Bike check-in is race morning from 5:30am-6:30am.


Two Options!


May 10th, Saturday at 12 pm (Online ONLY)

Join this 45 minute webinar to get all your race questions answered and have your best race on the May 19 with Integrity Multisport KBTri #1

IN PERSON Saturday, May 18th at 1pm.

At: Mack Cycle
5995 Sunset Dr,
Miami, FL 33143

Coach Erinne Guthrie from Full Circle Coaching is the host.

Start Times
We employ a time trial start to increase safety in the swim and spread racers out thus greatly reducing drafting on the bike course.  Groups will be called to get in line one cap color at a time then you will start one person at a time.  Tell the starter doing manual backup your race number then start when he/she says 'GO'.  The starting groups will be on your race number at packet pickup and each group will start as soon as the group before is finished.  International distance groups start at 7:00am, the duathlon starts at 7:15am (mass start), and the sprint distance triathlon/aquabike groups start at 7:20am.
Other Important Items to Remember


Click image to open in a new window


Bikes will turn left to enter the park at the north entrance (red line) and exit the park at the northernmost exit (green line) (see map).  Here’s the link to the course: The International distance will do this two times and the sprint distance once. 

Right click on image and open in new tab to zoom in.

The swim is the safest ocean swim you could possibly do. The reason for this is that most of the areas at Crandon are very shallow. We will swim in a relatively narrow channel that is deeper than the surrounding water (see Google Earth image below - the dark narrow area is deeper than the surrounding area).

If you swim either away from or towards the shoreline you will encounter shallower waters if you’d like to take a break. This is why we don’t have a different shaped course as this is the ONLY area deep enough for swimming.

International distance participants (1000 meters) will start at the swim exit, turn left at the first buoy, then keep all remaining buoys on their right (swim in a clockwise manner).  They swim down and back.  Sprint distance participants (500 meters) will swim from the first buoy to the last buoy, keeping all buoys on your right.  Click here for sprint swim mapClick here for International swim map.


Please exit the water no later than 6:55 a.m.


The run course is a very scenic loop through Crandon Park. It is 3.1 miles long and International Distance racers will do 2 loops (6.2mi), while Sprint racers will do 1 loop (3.1).

See the map at There will be a water station before mile 1 at the circle and again before mile 2 at the circle.


You will encounter the following very large sign on both the bike and run courses.  If you are in the SPRINT distance, follow the FINISH ARROW! 

If you are in the INTERNATIONAL distance, follow the LAP ARROW and do a 2nd lap, then follow the FINISH ARROW to complete the bike or run.  IT IS VITAL THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THIS!  Volunteers have no way to know which lap you are on, so YOU AND ONLY YOU must be responsible to know if you need to complete another lap or not.  If you mess up and come in early, just go back out and do another lap.  We'll sort out the times and delete the extra chip times in the timing system.


Duathlon (run #1) - All duathletes will start at 7:15 am on the road on the way to the swim. The first run will be ¾ of a mile and go down to the track, around the track, and back to transition.

See the map at

There is a permanent restroom facility right between the transition/finish area and the beach as indicated on the map above. It has about a dozen stalls for each gender. There is also an additional restroom facility on the way to the swim start (as indicated on the swim map) and several restrooms along the run course (one right next to the water station at the circle).


● International Distance athletes must start the 2nd lap of the bike course by 8:15 am or you will be directed into transition where you can finish the race but be disqualified for not completing the entire race.
● All athletes must complete the bike course by 9:00 am.
● International Distance athletes must start the 2nd run lap by 9:30 am.


9:10 - Aquabike awards
9:20 - Sprint Duathlon Awards
9:35 - Sprint Triathlon Awards
9:55 - International Triathlon Awards


Miami Man Triathlon

Miami Man Triathlon
November 17th, 2024
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