Hello Runners!

Thank you for signing up for the Bayside Half Marathon & 10K at Crandon Park.  Here are the final details for the race and IMPORTANT INFORMATION that you need to read:

1 - COVID PLAN - While we are rounding the final corner of the pandemic, we must still do our best to have social distancing before and after the race and take other necessary measures to prevent its spread.  Here’s what we are doing AND WE NEED YOUR HELP to make it happen.  It is very important as events won’t we allowed if we don’t comply:

Staging Map


2 - PACKET PICKUP - Early packet pickup is being held at 2 locations for your convenience:

Saturday, April 10, 11-4
Footworks Miami
5724 Sunset Drive
South Miami, FL 33143

Friday, April 9, 11-6
Saturday, April 10, 11-5
5050 Biscayne Blvd
Suite 103
Miami, FL  33137

There will also be packet pickup on race morning for those that live far away.  The incentive to pick up early is that the race numbers are given out in order so the first to pick up their packet will be the first to start (though the numbers are split between 2 locations).  You can pick up at either location as the numbers are not pre-assigned.

3 - CHIP TIMING - We are using ankle timing chips for this race, like for our triathlons.  Therefore we need to get them back after you finish.  You will pick up your chip on race morning.  They will be at the end of each parking lot section, so just grab the chip that matches your race number, put in on your ankle, then get in line.  Don’t forget to return the chip before you exit the finish line chute.

4 - DROPPING OUT - If you cannot finish the race for any reason, please come to the finish line and let us know and return your chip.  This way we know that you are OK and don’t send a search crew out to find you.

5 - WATER STATIONS - Water stations will have water and BASE Performance sports drink and be located every 1-1.5 miles throughout the course.

6 - CRANDON PARK - Crandon Park is a beautiful venue to host our event.  It does, however, have some limitations.  The primary limitation is no logos on anything (finish line, mesh, directional arrows, mile markers, flags, banners, etc.).  This means that this event will have a completely generic look.  The beauty of the run and the park itself should make up for that though!

7 - PARKING - The event will take place at the North end of Crandon Park, so please enter the first entrance that you come to when coming from Miami.  Parking is done with the Pay by Phone system so there won’t be any long lines to get into the park.  Here’s the link that I found online: https://www.parkme.com/lot/97603/crandon-park-key-biscayne-fl.  Please don’t ask questions about this to me as I have not used the system yet.  Call the park directly if you have questions about paying for parking.

8 - COURSE - We have a beautiful run course that has many views along the Atlantic Ocean and Bear Cut as well as shaded trails.  This does mean though that there are a lot of turns along the way.  Therefore you need to pay attention and follow the cones and look for arrows.  We will have timing lines at far points along the course to ensure that everyone does the entire course, so don’t accidentally miss a section and get DQ’d.  We’ve been making some final edits and the certified course may change slightly from what is currently posted on the website.

9 - UPGRADING/DOWNGRADING - If you would like to upgrade from the 10K to Half Marathon go to https://triregistration.com/faq.php for instructions on how to do that.  You can also downgrade from the Half Marathon to the 10K using those same instructions, OR by just asking to downgrade at packet pickup.  Since there is no charge to downgrade, the person handling packet pickup can do it for you.

10 - TRANSFERS/CREDITS - If you cannot make the race for any reason, you can take full race credit (no fees) towards any future event of ours, no questions asked.  For instructions go to https://triregistration.com/faq.php.  You must do this BEFORE picking up your race packet and BEFORE the race starts.

11 - CONFIRMATIONS - If you didn’t receive your race confirmation via email, be sure to authorize triregistration.com and integritymultisport.com.  If you are receiving this email, then you are likely registered.  You can confirm by viewing the participant list at https://triregistration.com/List.php?eventid=934.
12 - RESTROOMS - There is a permanent restroom facility next to the finish line with 11 stalls for women and 4 for men.  There will also be 7 portable toilets next to the staging parking lot.  All water stations will be near restrooms or have a portable restroom, so if you have to go just ask someone at the water station where the restrooms are.

Thank you for your support!

Integrity Multisport Inc.