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July 29, 2022

TRI KB Final Instructions

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Mack Cycle Tri KB
Thank you for registering for Mack Cycle TRI KB, we are excited to have you join us for this event.  This email is to remind you of important information that you need to know before the event.  The Mack Cycle TRI KB Triathlon is THIS SUNDAY! The first wave start time is 7:00 am.  YOU NEED TO ARRIVE AT THE PARK 60-90 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR START TIME!  60 if you have already picked up your packet and 90 if you haven't.  There is A LOT to do race morning (parking, packet pickup, chip pickup, find your rack, use the restroom, find your start, etc.) and you will MISS THE RACE if you arrive after 6:15 am no matter what race you are in. 
Packet Pickup & Race Clinic


Wed-Fri, 12pm - 6pm
Sat, 10am - 4pm

Mack Cycle & Fitness
5995 Sunset Dr.
Miami, FL 33143

Limited packet pickup will also be available race morning at the event site from 5:30-6:30 a.m.

Bike check-in is race morning from 5:30 am-6:30 am.


Saturday, July 30th, 2022, 1 PM with Coach Erinnee Guthrie at Mack Cycle & Fitness.
Start Times
Note that the International Distance starts at Lifeguard Tower #4, which is also the swim exit point for BOTH distances and next to the large restroom facility.  The Sprint Distance starts at Lifeguard Tower #1, which is 1/4 mile north of the swim exit.  ALL swim cap colors are used in BOTH races, so be sure to go to your correct starting place before finding your starting group.

Racers in each group will begin starting one person at a time at the specified start time. Do not line up until your group is called. Starting will be done approximately every 2 seconds. You will announce your race number to the starter (also doing manual backup timing) then run across the start timing mat AFTER the starter tells you to ‘GO’.

Course Updates



We have made a modification to the bike course to avoid as many plates as possible that FPL has put in the roadway during their construction (see image below), however you will still encounter some.  Please stay to the right, except when passing (no plates on the right in the bike lane).  If you are passing, please look ahead to see if you’ll need to ride over a plate and get out of your aero bars and be careful if you do so.  This only affects the portion of the course bordering Crandon Park (about 1 mile).

We have modified the bike course and eliminated the 2nd u-turn (yay, u-turns stink) by the south entrance to the park.  Bikes will now turn left to enter the park at the north entrance (red line) and exit the park at the northernmost exit (green line) (see map).  Here’s the link to the new course: The international distance will do this twice. 

Right click on image and open in new tab to zoom in.


The traffic counterflow to remove cars from our side of the Causeway will now start at the Crandon north entrance, THUS you will need to enter the park at the 2nd Crandon entrance (blue line).  Here’s a link to the directions:  You will turn left as soon as you enter the park to go to lot #2 on the north side of the park (see map).  We will have an “EVENT PARKING” sign where you turn in and inside the park directing you left to the correct parking lot. 

Parking is done with the Pay by Phone system so there won’t be any long lines to get into the park. Here’s the link that I found online:

Right click on image and open in new tab to zoom in.


You may have noticed on the first of the maps above that we also moved the finish line to the other side of the field where the transition is.  We did this for multiple reasons, the biggest was to get the finish area in the shade due to the heat!  Otherwise, the run course is the same.

The swim is the safest ocean swim you could possibly do. The reason for this is that most of the areas at Crandon are very shallow. We will swim in a relatively narrow channel that is deeper than the surrounding water (see Google Earth image below - the dark narrow area is deeper than the surrounding area).

If you swim either away from or towards the shoreline you will encounter shallower waters if you’d like to take a break. This is why we don’t have a different shaped course as this is the ONLY area deep enough for swimming. International distance participants will start at the swim exit, go out and around the green buoy, swim down keeping the orange buoys on their right, u-turn around the last green buoy, swim back keeping the orange buoys on their right, then go around the last green buoy and back to through the swim exit chute.

SEE MAP The orange buoys are place to create a gap between international racers swimming in different directions.

Sprint distance participants will only swim one direction, keeping all buoys on their right then exit the water (see map).


Please exit the water before the first wave starts at 7:00 a.m.


The run course is a very scenic loop through Crandon Park and we have improved it since the 305 Triathlon as we added the scenic old zoo and eliminated a run around the parking area. It is 3.1 miles long and International Distance racers will do 2 loops, while Sprint racers will do 1.

See the map at There will be a water station before mile 1 at the circle and again before mile 2 at the circle.


You will encounter the following very large sign on both the bike and run courses.  If you are in the SPRINT distance, follow the FINISH ARROW! 

If you are in the INTERNATIONAL distance, follow the LAP ARROW and do a 2nd lap, then follow the FINISH ARROW to complete the bike or run.  IT IS VITAL THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THIS!  Volunteers have no way to know if you are on lap 1 or lap 2, so YOU AND ONLY YOU must be responsible to know if you need to complete another lap or not.  If you mess up and come in after lap 1, just go back out and do your 2nd lap.  We'll sort out the times and delete the extra chip times in the timing system.


Duathlon (run #1) - All duathletes will start at 7:10 a.m. just outside of the transition area. The first run will be ¾ of a mile and go down to the track, around the track, and back to transition.

See the map at


Unfortunately, Crandon Park has a master plan that prevents all commercial signs/banners/flags, etc. Last year we were able to put up generic mesh and flags that just said Triathlon on them with swim, bike, and run icons. That won’t be allowed this year. The venue to be a little bare looking compared with last year or other venues we do races at. That won’t affect us having a great race though!


If you cannot finish the race for any reason, please come to the finish line and let us know and return your chip. This way we know that you are OK and don’t send a search crew out to find you.


Water stations will have water, BASE Performance sports drink, and Hammer Gel. Aid stations will be located approximately every mile throughout the course. There will be no aid station on the bike course, so please bring enough fluids to complete the course. There will be an aid station next to the Run In/Out end of transition that you will pass after the swim and at the start of the run (also at mile 3.1 of the International distance).

There is a permanent restroom facility right between the transition/finish area and the beach as indicated on the map above. It has about a dozen stalls for each gender. There is also an additional restroom facility on the way to the swim start (as indicated on the swim map) and several restrooms along the run course (one right next to the water station at the circle).  There will be some port-o-johns as well in the field where transition is located.


● The swim course must be completed by 7:47 a.m. (20 minutes after last sprint starter)
● International Distance athletes must start the 2nd bike lap by 8:17 a.m. (1:10 from the
last starter) or you will be directed into transition where you can finish the race but be
disqualified for not completing the entire race.
● All athletes must complete the bike course by 8:52 a.m.
● International Distance athletes must start the 2nd run lap by 9:37 a.m.
● All athletes must complete the race by 10:17 a.m.


9:15 - Aquabike awards
9:20 - Duathlon Awards
9:30 - Sprint Triathlon Awards
9:45 - International Triathlon Awards


We ask for feedback after every race to keep improving. Thanks for your support!

While we have chip timing, occasionally a chip is lost or there is some malfunction somewhere.  Because of this we have backup timers at the start, finish, and each end of transition.  Please help yourself and say your number to the person holding a tablet at each of these locations when you pass by.  Having your time backed up can be extremely helpful if you lose your chip, get the wrong chip, or various other little things that can happen.

We are taking the following precautions:
  • Registration: Online only. No in person registration, cash exchanged, etc.
  • Timing Chips: Please remove your own timing chip at the finish line.
  • Body-marking:  Please pick up your packet at the early packet pickup and you will receive body marking tattoos that you can self apply before the race.  If you pick up race morning, please bring your own wet sponge, hand towel, or paper towel to apply the tattoos to yourself.  Here’s a video showing how to self apply: You will have 3 numbers to apply (your 3 digit number) rather than a single tattoo with all 3 digits, so be sure to put them in the right order.  Please apply them to your left bicep so our backup timers and photographers can easily identify you.
  • Health Screening:  Do not attend if you have any symptoms (including fever, cough, sore throat, etc.) or have been exposed to anyone that has tested positive for COVID19 within the last 14 days.  Please consider EVERYONE else!
  • Time Trial Start:  We will start in a time trial format, though still grouped according to category.  Don’t line up until your group is called to do so.  If you prefer keeping your distance, stay to the side and let the starter know you are there so he can call you through before he starts the next group one at a time.  The wave chart below will show the approximate time that your group will start.
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