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June 4, 2023

Fort DeSoto Final Instructions

When you race, be sure to Race with Integrity™

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The Fort De Soto Triathlon is THIS SUNDAY! Yes, Sunday not Saturday. Thanks for registering!

This email is to remind you of important information that you need to know before the event.

Layout Change - For 2023 we made a venue layout change to move the finish line to a shaded area next to shelter 3.  It is located 1 parking lot section past where we were before.  Please go to to see the venue layout map and note the restrooms on the way to the swim.

Run Course Update - Due to the change in the Finish Line and Transition locations, the run course is now 3.3 miles for the Sprint ( and 6.4 miles for the International (  They also run in a clockwise direction, rather than counter clockwise like last year.  The first run for the duathlon has also been modified ( The 2nd run for the duathlon is the same as the 3.3 mile sprint triathlon run above.

Pay for Parking - Fort DeSoto Park has a new pay for parking system.  To pay for parking, text PARKFD2 to 727563 and follow the prompts. Please pay on race day or you might get an expensive citation!

Shirts - We are trying a new type of shirt for this race to see how you like it.  They only come in unisex sizes though.  If you really want a women's cut shirt, we have about 25 Fort Desoto Trilogy shirts in another design and material in WS and WM.  Just ask at packet pickup if you want one of those - good while supplies last!

Packet Pickup - Please pick up your packet on SATURDAY between 9am and 11am at the race site!  This will greatly reduce your stress, and ours, on race morning as you’ll avoid long packet pickup lines!  The race starts on time regardless of if there’s a line at packet pickup still. By attending early pickup you’ll also get to scope out the venue in the daylight and know what to expect for race morning.  It’s a win-win!
  • Pre Race Clinic – Time: 10 a.m. The Integrity Multisport race clinic was created to help triathletes and duathletes learn the things they need to know to successfully and safely complete a triathlon.  The clinic is open to anyone with questions or just looking to expand their knowledge on triathlon. 
  • No Drop Course Preview Ride - On Saturday there will be a course preview group bike ride that will promptly start at 8 a.m where the transition area will be as shown on the map. The no-drop group ride will be led by Tom Howard of Dynamite Endurance.

Laps (International Distance Only) - You will encounter a very large sign on both the bike and run courses that say Lap with an arrow in one direction and Finish with an arrow in another direction.  If you are in the SPRINT distance, follow the FINISH ARROW!  If you are in the International distance, follow the LAP ARROW and do a 2nd lap, then follow the FINISH ARROW to complete the bike or run.  IT IS VITAL THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THIS!  Volunteers have no way to know which lap you are on, so YOU AND ONLY YOU must be responsible to know if you need to complete another lap or not.  If you mess up and come in early, just go back out and do another lap.  We'll sort out the times and delete the extra chip times in the timing system.

Cutoff Times (International Distance) - You must finish the first lap of the bike course by 8:12 a.m. or you will be directed to transition and not allowed a 2nd lap.  The road must be clear by 9:00 a.m. by park rules, so we have to enforce this strictly!  You must also finish the first lap of the run course by 9:30 a.m. or you will be directed to the finish line.  There is a 3 hour time limit for the entire course.  You need to be able to swim a ½ mile in 20 minutes, bike 15 mph average for 20 miles, and run a 12.5 minute mile average for 6.5 miles to complete the International Distance.  If you are faster on the bike, then you have more time for the run.  If you cannot average the stated pace/speed, then please join us for the Sprint Distance Triathlon.

Race Morning - Please arrive on race morning between 5:30 and 6:00 am.  If you arrive earlier you will just be waiting at the gate and blocking our volunteers from getting in.  They have a gate code to get in early.  Please don’t try to enter or block the road before 5:30.  Also, don’t arrive after 6:00 or you will probably not have enough time to park, get your packet, get your chip, organize your stuff in transition, go to the restroom, warm up, and get to the beach in time for your start.

Chip Pickup - Chip pickup is race morning only.  When you get your chip, please scan it at the computer next to the chips and verify that your information is correct.  If it is not, double check your chip number.  If your chip and bib numbers match and it is still incorrect, please tell someone at packet pickup so they can correct it.

Body Marking - We give out body marking tattoos to identify you when you don’t have your race number.  You will get 3 individual numbers.  Please apply them with a wet washcloth to your left shoulder facing out to the side.

Course Maps - Course maps can be found at

Dropping Out - If you are unable to finish the race, please return your chip to the Timing Truck so you are accounted for and we don’t send a search team out looking for you!  Do not give it to someone out on the course.

Awards Schedule - The times below are approximate and each ceremony may start a few minutes early or late depending on how long each race ceremony lasts.

  1. Aquabike - 9:05

  2. Duathlon - 9:15

  3. Sprint Triathlon - 9:35

  4. International Triathlon - 10:00

THANK YOU BAYFRONT HEALTH!  Please give a big thank you to the fine folks at Bayfront Health for their support of this event.  Without their support, this event would not be possible.

Volunteers Needed
People are the most important part of any event.  Without proper levels of staff and volunteers events are not possible.  Here are some of the things that will change if we end up short handed:
  • Self service at the waterstations.  Cups of water will be on the table for your to grab yourself.
  • Self service at the finish line.  You can get your medal off the table and get your bottle of water or other beverages we offer out of the blue coolers.
  • We may not have anyone to hand out shirts and/or do body marking during race morning packet pickup.  Also, you'll need to get there before 6 am or there won't be enough time since race morning lines will be long due to shortage of staff and volunteers.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND you pick up your packet on Saturday instead of race morning.
  • The look of the event will be scaled back with less mesh and flags.
  • We may not be able to do the swim exit timing point and if not your swim time will include your run to transition rather than it being in T1.
  • We may not have anyone to do manual backup timing, so if you lose your chip or grab the wrong chip, you won't have times.
  • Nobody will be printing receipts after you finish with your split times.
  • Timing chips will be self service.  PLEASE triple check that you have the correct chip that matches your bib number or you won't have results unless you can figure out which chip you were wearing.  That's where manual backup timing helps...

Please volunteer (for setup or cleanup) or bring someone to volunteer!  We offer volunteer hours, race credit, or even pay if they are good!  We need your help!  To sign up a volunteer Please email [email protected] . 

This problem is not exclusive to us.  Every event director I know has the same issues right now.  Help where you can.  It's fun, you learn a lot about the behind the scenes, and it builds good karma :-)

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