All finishers receive a finisher medal for completing the event. * Please note that you can only be registered under one of the categories below. For example, you cannot register for Clydesdale and age group at the same time. Participants must select their category when they register. Changes cannot be made to categories once the race starts. It would not be fair to other participants if we let people change groups once the results have been posted and they had a chance to see in which category would result in a higher standing.


Professional Male and Female racers. Racers in this category start in the first wave of each event and are only eligible for Overall awards.

Age Group (This is the ONLY category for Aquabike)

Age groups for both male and female start at 13-15, 16-19, then go in 5 year increments to 80+. (20-24, 25-29,...., 70-74, 75-79, 80+) By rule, athletes' age groups are determined by their age on December 31st of that year. You age up, not down. This is so that you don't change age groups in the middle of the year.

Clydesdale & Athena

There are special categories for Clydesdale (Men over 220 lbs) and Athena (Women over 165 lbs).

Fat Tire (Sprint Distance Only)

This is for those riding a mountain bike. To qualify, the bike must not have drop handlebars and must have non-slick tires at least 1.5 inches wide (38mm).


2 or 3 person teams. Options include Male Relay, Female Relay, and Coed Relay


Awards are given 3 deep in all categories. Special recognition will be given to the Top 3 Overall Males and Top 3 Overall Females in triathlons and duathlons. Those receiving overall awards are removed from their age groups, bumping everyone else up in the age group standings. There is no double dipping. If you qualify for overall, you cannot get another award for your age group. Please stay for the awards ceremony if you are due an award. Unclaimed awards may be mailed if requested within 1 week after the event. You must pay for shipping and handling. Go to the results of your race and click Mail next to your name to request your award. There is no other option to get an unclaimed award.